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Keystone Resources really helped us achieve our financial bid goals. The slick presentation along with fantastic readability ensures that our financial standing is stable.

Benjamin Mathew
Sales & Marketing, Sila Web Studio Ltd.

With our skilful bid-writing services, we empower our clients to increase their rates of winning and getting high turnover as well as profits. How do we make this possible? KEYSTONE RESOURCES got a whole lot of bid winning methods for every project whether large or small, simple or complex. 

To give you the very best, our strong team of tender and bid-writers subject he whole process to a rigorous internal process from start to finish which give our customers higher chances of winning contracts or have access to project funding from charitable organizations. We work for a wide range of industries and services from construction to healthcare. 

We work with companies to help them develop and tailor all aspects of their PQQ & ITT submissions to ensure they consistently make it through the PQQ and offer the most competitive ITT response possible

Services Include

Bid training
Bid-writing support
Bid report
Bid resource
Tender training

Strategic & tactical planning

All our bid writing services are carried out by our professional bid writers and bid consultants. We have no-obligation quote for all our writing services, we only give you a fixed fee that you know exactly what you are paying in advance, with no hidden costs.

How It Works

this is the starting point for us. Once we get positive signals, we send you a kick-off questionnaire to gather information on your organisation and aims. We talk, listen to our clients to get acquainted with their needs and values

we then arrange for a consultation during which we learn more about your organisation, ask questions and discuss which grant(s) you would like us to write. We also check and follow the rules to be followed in bidding for a particular grant.

here comes the main deal. We design, write, edit and check the bid document at this critical stage to ensure it aligns with set targets. We collaborate with you along the way to ensure that you get it right.

once everything is checked and Okayed, we go ahead to submit bids either by email, post or whatever means our clients prefer, keeping to strict deadlines.

The quality of the work you receive is guaranteed with KEYSTONE RESOURCES, as we do not use freelance writers, but a team of highly skilled bid writers, consultants and managers all through the process.

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